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Idendification the quality of car perfme brand

Here is the identification the quality of car perfume brand

1, Car perfume brand color   Good quality car perfume brand must be clear and transparent, high resolution liquid, without any precipitation. The general does not contain pigment, at 30 degrees Celsius temperature, after 24 hours does not change colour.

2, Car perfume brand fragrance  Good quality car perfume brand aroma, and can keep for a long time. No pungent smell of alcohol and other unpleasant odor. According to the stability of flavor and fragrance ingredients, car perfume and toilet water make into super and A, B, C four grades. Fantasy super cat perfume brand sprinkle on textiles, under certain conditions, the flavor can last at least 70 hours, bouquet can last at least 60 hours. High quality car perfume brand products for daily use belongs to grade A. Grade B and C car perfume and toilet water are essential for sanitation purposes.

3, Car perfume packaging  please a woman smell of perfume, the promotion often rely on car perfume commercial visual image. Like other commodities, good packaging is often reflects the inherent quality of goods. The outer packing car perfume brand is a display of the intrinsic quality of car perfume. In the identification of the quality of car perfume, special attention should be paid to the seal car perfume bottles, bottles to tightly without gap, otherwise easily lead to volatile alcohol dry. In addition, but also pay attention to car perfume packaging is neat, pattern is clear, bottle appearance without cracks and other defects. If the car perfume bottle with a spray head, also should check the nozzle is flexible, there is no leakage.