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Car perfume brand value is not necessarily lower than the human body perfume

The owner in the purification of the air inside the car, most people would choose the car perfume brand, aromatherapy products, to the car with narrow spaces, the car smell for many love clean person, car perfume brand can play the role to relieve air smell inside the car, mask the unpleasant smell. In raw materials of the car perfume brand, the regular car perfume brand manufacturers typically use vegetable oil as the main raw material of car perfume. So, there is a very big difference for a lot of popular regular factory between production car perfume brand and body perfume brand. Most car perfume is plant essential oil products reproduction of products.

Plant essential oils, mainly through the aromatic substances extraction plant, the plant source is generally herb flowers, leaves, roots, bark, fruits, seeds, resin, by distillation, squeezing, extraction of aromatic substances, and then through the shunt, separation and many other procedures.The aromatic substances essence. Oil production contains a number of procedures, because the aroma high volatile oil, and the molecules are small, easily absorbed by the body, and can quickly penetrate the human body organs, the excess components from in vitro, the whole process takes only a few minutes, and the plant itself fragrance, but also directly stimulate the pituitary secretion, enzyme and hormone secretion, balance the body functions, to beauty skin care role. One can imagine the mysteries of essential oils on the human body is very broad.

In the composition of distinction, the integrity of the plant essential oil is composed of many components, the complex configuration of oil products, including hundreds of thousands of components. The general plant essential oils contain alcohols, aldehydes, acids, phenol, acetone, terpenes. For example, an ordinary bottle of rose essential oil, there is 90% component is the aromatic substances extracted from natural plants, another 10% is composed of many trace compounds. Enoch international production of natural plant oils, natural ingredients of the proportion of higher, some products are 100% natural ingredients extracted from natural ingredients, used as combining agent products. Of course, the biggest plant essential oils and quality is linked to aromatic ingredients of natural plant science combination and proportion. This is a natural plant essential oil technology and lower natural plant oils products difference.