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Buying car perfume brand not only just smell

Buyingcar perfume brand not only just smell the fragrance, reportedly, ordinary car perfume, components are chemical synthesis of artificial spices. Even those who flaunt contain "natural fragrance components" perfume, the cost price decision can not be used in all natural flowers, or can not exclude chemical spices--Aromatic ring compounds. This is a fragrant volatile substances, on human organs, especially the respiratory system have different levels of stimulation, long-term use will produce dizziness, cough, nausea,vomiting, and even will weaken the smell slow, eyesight.

Buying car perfume brand not only just smell the fragrance, do you really understand? Many people like to put car perfume bottle in the car, such not only can cover up the smell, can highlight the personality. But on the market at present car perfume brand all kinds of brand quality uneven, prices vary, many products have not even a manufacturer and origin. Concerned personage points out, the use of these inferior car perfume, can cause serious damage to nerve, throat, lung, liver and other organs, long-term exposure can lead to cancer.

Remind: choose a good perfume brand

To us how to  buy a car perfume brand, there are four ways to distinguish low-grade car perfume:

First, the regular car perfume brand packaging is exquisite, and the outer packing of inferior car perfume is relatively rough;

Second, poor car perfume volatilization faster, more pungent smell, and regular car perfume brand smell fresh lasting;

Third, inferior car perfume prone to leakage after exposure in the sun, the color will gradually become white, and regular car perfume brand won't appear this kind of phenomenon. In addition, the regular car perfume brand packaging has production license, formal description.

Fourth, inferior car perfume packaging has not Chinese label manufacturers, production address, date of production, use, precautions.