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Car perfume personality is more important

Mention the car we would expect that car perfume, mention car perfume you may think  French sweet fruit flavored car perfume. The French think of spirit of freedom and equality of triumph 1664. Danish people will think of Copenhagen, Chinese will recall that car perfume. As the world's fastest growing products, car perfume has a variety of car perfume brands and products. In order to ensure that each local car perfume brand success, intensive and meticulous farming personality characteristics of each market. At the same time, car perfume personality is more important, a means of giving perfume car culture is adding to car perfume personality. So, what is the personality marketing? With the development of social economy, the inevitable requirement of further market segmentation and personalized, it emphasizes that the enterprise must meet the needs of individual customers, and represents the trend of development of theory and practice of modern marketing, is a marketing theory applied in twenty-first Century under the new economic conditions the. A lot of people think, personalized marketing, should include two aspects: on the one hand is refers to the enterprise marketing has its own personality, to create a demand to attract consumers to use their own characteristics; on the other hand, is to meet all the needs of individual customers. That is the enterprise to develop more offbeat products personalized, rich and colorful, to break the conventional aggressive marketing, mining, guide, create and satisfy the market demand, meet the personalized consumption trend of today's people, seeking novelty, change.

Car perfume personality is the essence of product of car perfume brand personified, car perfume participants especially specific car perfume brand user personality type, for example, is romantic or practical, is stable or radical, is the bold or restrained, is untrammeled and romantic in character or the cautious...... It contains the car perfume brand emotion recognition of car perfume brand. Our marketing people to car perfume personality accurately planning execution, coherent, long-term hold, do not inconstant in policy, because multiple personality, means no personality. So how do we give the car perfume personality?

1, Find the root of personality

First and foremost task is to find where the brand personality, brand personality often consists of four elements: personalized, personalized customer demand, personalized products, personalized region.

2, The formation of individual tree

Entrepreneurs must be optimized from the service, business, management process, to ensure that the entire operating system to support the formation of continuous improvement, and brand personality is not empty of beautiful things, but really for customer perception.

3, Media personality flower

The last step is to spread the brand personality in depth, makes the brand personality has become the forefront of competitive advantage.

Car perfume personality essence is to guide the market through the car perfume value innovation, rather than to cater to the market, this is the unique advantage and charm. Perfume car manufacturers to use the essence of the psychological warfare -- not only to grasp the personal consumption, leading the consumer psychology, but also to obey it, respond to it. That gives the car perfume personality will usher in "dense willow trees and bright flowers".