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Car perfume brand adjust the pressure of life

Now the fast pace of life, big work pressure, the spirit is always high tension, life sometimes is always on tenterhooks. So, different groups of people in work, how to use the car perfume brand and perfume to regulate the life? May wish to have a look.

For the sake of safety, to the group who drive to work  should have to keep a balanced state of mind, may wish to pick a calming effect better flavor, such as the sweet scent of flowers, the cool herbs flavor and amber these flavors of car perfume brand. For sedentary in office you, if your work is more boring, tedious and complicated, it may choose to relax nerve lemon fruit flavor, or can  neural mint flavor etc..

Car perfume brand selection principle is, not taste too strong, summer fragrance makes fast, hot weather can choose light smell, so as to avoid more irritating. In the winter, can choose refreshing flavor car perfume brand. If the car often open air conditioning, choose strong volatile car perfume brand, in order to effectively remove the air conditioner.

The  secret of using perfume

Put the car perfume brand on the air conditioning vents, the gas flow driven, incense fragrance  will fill the whole car immediately, the odor removal effect is good. If it'sliquid perfume, can be sprinkled on the handkerchief, and then hung in the air, the effect is also good. Replace the flavor. First of all should remove the original incense, but also try to remove all the original aroma. The best replacement after you use the car.