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Lemon flavor car perfume become more and more popular in the market

Car perfume holder is the most common car decoration, in almost every and automotive supplies of shops can be found. The good quality and popular model and acceptable frangrance is welcome to owners, of course, price is also an important factor, the price also have some differences in each city. According to store information display: the current owners are  more and more mature to car perfume holder consumer, lemon flavor is most popular, but the rose flavor and the thick taste is also difficult to let the owners accept. Between solid and liquid car perfume, liquid flavor is more popular. Men are tend to like other solemn generous, Cologne flavor car perfume holder, ladies are more like the cartoon category, lemon and fruit flavor .



Although car perfume holder has been widely accepted by the owners, also in the market is better, but the industry has said there is a certain degree of concern about it. Mainly because of competitive businesses, appear malignant competition situation, mutual bargain between businesses, before a bottle of perfume, can make a few dollars profit, but now only a few cents, sometimes sell at a loss. But the style of car perfume holder are more and more, is a test of businessmen purchase vision and sensitivity to market direction. If the goods go bad, plus the perfume volatilization faster, so even can not guaranteed the cost, they must sell. And it's also a big risk.