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During the holidays, how to choose a good car perfume brand

The holiday will come soon, many people will choose driving car, carrying his whole family to travel. Long car journey should need a suitable car perfume, a good car perfume brand can dispel peculiar smell, purify the air inside the car, refresh the driver. So, how to choose a good car perfume brand? See below:

The market has solid, liquid and aerosol type three kinds of different forms of car perfume, therefore, must first clear that car perfume broadly not only contains the liquid perfume. First,look at the solid perfume, solidcar perfume carrier is curing agent, its production method is that make the essence dissolved or adsorbed on the curing agent,in general, it has rod, bulk perfume, transparent beads. Liquid car perfume is common, as long as the same body perfume, but the proportion of use volatile agents is more. Aerosol type car perfume mainly formed by the flavor and container, but volatile fast. Three each has advantages and flaw. Aerosol type car perfume has stronger flavor than solid car perfume, longer duration, with slow, placed in a container of various shapes, usually available 2 to 3 months. Solid car perfume display is more convenient, in contrast, liquid car perfume and container match well, is not convenient to display.Different people have different needs, to have a look some  conventional  method choosing fragrance.

Like smoking owners, although driving with the family, but his smoking will let the family by secondhand smoke, but some of the "smoker" love to spirit by smoking, to avoid danger driving when tired. Then, in this situation, you can used this kind car perfume with rich herbal fragrance, fresh Green Tea Fragrance and sweet apple flavor, because these pictographs can dispel tobacco irritating odor,relieve the smell of smoke ut to  the car. The car perfume can be popular and suit to the whole family are: Lemon perfume, citrus fragrance, jasmine perfume. Lemon, citrus are fresh and natural. Natural fruit aroma is refreshed.And jasmine fragrance perfume is a very gentle and elegant fragrance of flowers, this two kinds of flavor is not particularly rejection fragrance for us generally. If the owners usually work under large pressure, fast pace of life, at this time, can use sweet scent of flowers, the cool herbs scents, because they ease the pressure, relax the owners.

Finally, I hope you can know this, have a pleasant holiday.