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The value of car perfume brand

Many people recommend in identifying car perfume, the best way is to smell. However, I believe that 90% people like me, we can not smell the difference between real and false car perfume, Especially in a short time by the nose to identify false inferior perfume. Moreover, now  false inferior perfume fragrance has been done very lifelike, can meet to the genuine. Because a perfume value is not in the provision of fragrance, but in design to provide people with common Feeling. Then, since the inferior car perfume flavor has been close to the good car perfume brand, so, how do we Show the value of car perfume brand?

At present, the good car perfume brand is major use of essential oils and the chemical composition, make the main composition of perfume.Not only increase the flavor, but also can make the other spices thicken, so that all the components of a perfume in a better compatibility, the flovars are  more durable and can last longer time. In the regular plant perfume in the preparation process, the most important thing is health Safety. Due to the development of modern technology, analysis technology of perfume spices have a great breakthrough, it is the strength fraud business provides a basic condition of fake perfume. But there is a very serious problem is remove product health and magazine. In addition, the general fraud business because the purification technology defects, it becomes many small workshop abuse "perfume additives", these workshops will these additives,mixing with water, put in the custom of imitation. Take the perfume bottle branded, is mass production "perfume". Plus external packaging by fine.Scented lures, general consumers whether "look" or "smell" are very difficult to distinguish the true and false car perfume. Then, the car perfume brand value and real value. The real car perfume brand, the fragrance will more reasonable than the fake perfume fragrance mix, more rounded. In the health product has the maximum guarantee. False counterfeit perfume there will be many unstable factors in the.