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The tips for Automobile perfume

At present, some car perfume brand in the market are very expensive, the price is three hundred or four hundred yuan, and some car perfume is a few yuan, there is great difference in

price between the two, buy a good  car perfume brand  is generally one hundred yuan, and bought a domestic production of mini Automobile perfume maybe very cheap. However, a good automobile perfume is not only beautiful, long-lasting fragrance, can kill bacteria, eliminate peculiar smell, and inferior automobile perfume does not smell the fragrance soon and the smell can not be

compared with good products. Some chemical synthesis of high-grade automobile perfume is more expensive than the natural synthetic automobile  perfume, but its components to human organs especially the respiratory system have different levels of stimulation. If you buy inferior automobile  perfume, the harm is greater, possibly causing the car pollution. Consumers should as possible as use the high purity natural automobile perfume, and the products are safe to us. Experts said, inferior chemical automobile  perfume usually volatilize faster, more pungent aroma, under sunlight after aperiod of time, the color will gradually become white, consumers can do make a judgment simply by this.