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The car perfume - Join venture scheme

 Marketing of brand strategy focuses on the concept of manufacturing concepts, and is typical of the brand of car perfume  supplies Enoch advertising strategy. Advertising marketing strategy in the of Enoch car perfume  supplies, this marketing concept is applied to the extreme, car perfume  supplies, Enoch brand is given a unique concept. Enoch car perfume beauty to join the marketing concept is to create a concept.

    Due to the opening of a new
car perfume
accessories shop, often do not have a lot of projects to do, and the boss put the main focus on the guests and the supervision and management of car perfume wash workers who usually attend to the chefs, technicians and master usually are relatively idle, at this time there will be a long period of "passive" day. In order to take into account future business needs, then the master can not be a speculation is over. At this point, reasonable arrangements for the day-to-day work of the technician and master became critical. So, for the management of technicians and master, I give the following advice:
1 store equipment daily maintenance theirs responsible for equipment problems, the first time responsible for refurbishment.
New products, to be the first time to learn to use the installation method.
3 when the store work staff shortfalls must be unconditional help.
Learning merchandise sales can successfully sell goods to the guests, give commission.
5 work finished before work immediately inventory and clean up tools, if any, is missing its asked.
For technicians and master constraint when they enter the store that day we must make it clear, because many technicians and master have some work experience, and not necessarily to its previously worked storefront this constraint, as time goes They develop bad habits will cause difficult to manage. Therefore, the recruitment needs of the employees had work experience before resorting to force the to speak clearly storefront rules Do not wait until the problem is found late. Most of them will say to me in that shop is so, when I came here, you did not say can not. Revisit the rules have been useless.
Hong Kong Enoch professional car perfume decorations franchising system store is very important to remind investors of the majority of car perfume decorations, master and technicians, their management, certain before resorting to force, the mutual responsibilities to distinguish.
Enoch, Hong Kong to focus on China's high-end car perfume decorations, determined in the car perfume  accessories industry norms, the founder and combing. Enoch professional car perfume  accessories franchising sector support and technical training guidance system to the advantage of specialized products and a strong marketing campaign headquarters team training, Enoch, Hong Kong quickly established a number of strength in the domestic franchise services local the owners of high-end, and get the unanimous favorite of the majority of local high-end vehicle owners.
Enoch transparent, frank attitude, commitment of the majority of investors, joined the Hong Kong Enoch franchisees, our commitment to support and service a pull, the quality and effectiveness of our products have not shirked, product Enoch protected. We announced the franchisee contact details and information, customers are welcome to have intention to join the nearest visits and consulting.