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Air freshener interior shop how to solve the problems in the marketing

 Business is all aspects, not only do the marketing and publicity for store management is also an aspect of Air freshener  beauty shop merchandise management, operators need to master certain methods in order to more easily and effectively to manage and improve the work efficiency. Fashion cars will share the car inside the beauty shop merchandise management methods.

Air freshener  interior shop marketing strategy will always encounter a variety of problems, this problem relates to the management of these marketing strategies in the sub shop fledgling stage, by employees with a notebook to record or do excel the form inside okay, Air freshener  interior shop business expansion, customers, as a way to operate is very troublesome, but also the vulnerability of the service; operations is likely to have the following problems occur:
1, customer files, vehicle files, Air freshener  interior record information disorderly, out of control;
2, the loss of old customers, activities and effective early warning is given the lack of systematic monitoring of customer contacts, customer service, lack of initiative;
, Accessories, price changes daily, how effective price tracking, and how to maintain a reasonable stock of accessories, how to better procurement?
4, many parts suppliers, they produce what accessories These accessories are consumed in the factory?
5, inefficient Air freshener  interior services, unable to control the progress and quality of Air freshener  interior;
6, technicians, the commission accounting business heavy workload, performance evaluation can not really effective;
7, product sales, inventory, backlog, customer distribution, and the company's operating results, and other statements, too much manual workload statistics and error-prone, and can not be real-time and accurate grasp;
Enoch, Hong Kong, for example given a marketing solutions.
, Membership management: the system in addition to a complete customer management module, but also increase the membership management, as well as Air freshener  interior settlement single record details of the consumption of Air freshener  interior;
2, customers pay a return visit to remind: to remind today's customers need to telephone visit, maintenance expiration reminder, commercial insurance expiration reminder vehicle annual inspection expiration reminder to pay high insurance expiration reminder expiration reminder Jiazheng annual review, Qing Jiazheng points expiration reminder, the customers birthday reminders maintenance date reminders, so you can achieve customer care;
3, automatic SMS return visit: Goods, Services settings the SMS return visit days, the maintenance cycle return visit SMS sent automatically by the system; and automatically generated telephone follow;
4, accessories prices daily changes in price adjustments, as well as tracking, software inventory counts single;
5, supplier management, by the name of the vendor inquiries under the supplier's products, as well as analysis of the suppliers of parts consumption, timely adjustment of procurement. Management of Air freshener  interior shop vendor payables situation;
Effective performance evaluation: In the process of Air freshener  interiors, Air freshener  interior settlement of employee performance is often a headache problem, the use of the software, statistics daily trivial data. Can customize the system better the commission formula functions scalability;
7, car interiors shop management processes of: workbench management set different permissions for different staff positions open software can be very clear understanding of the need to deal with today matters;
The Enoch Air freshener  interior franchising sector professional advantages and a strong marketing campaign headquarters team training support and technical training and guidance system, the Hong Kong Enoch rapidly in the country established a number of the strength of the franchise, Air freshener  interiors The local owners of high-end, and received the unanimous favorite of the majority of local high-end vehicle owners.
Enoch open and transparent, frank attitude of the majority of investors promised joining Hong Kong Enoch franchisee, our commitment to support a non-Air freshener  interior pull, the quality and effectiveness of our products have not shirked products channels strict protection. We announced the franchisee contact details and information, customers are welcome to have intention to join the nearest visits and consulting.